About Jay Harmon

Warding off evil spirits at the Gyeongju Bulguksa Buddhist temple complex, South Korea. With Dr. Mark Peterson, BYU.

You Want More?

Ok...he is from Baton Rouge, LA (Go Tigers!) and taught there for 24 years before moving to Houston in 2006.  His favorite movie is "Casablanca", favorite food is crawfish bisque, and he prefers dark chocolate.  He is married to Monica  and has two sons, Joey and Chris,  who are brilliant.  

Worshippers at one of King Lalibela's rock churches in Ethiopia

Jay Harmon teaches AP History at Houston Christian High School.  He has  been an AP History teacher since the early 1990's, and taught and graded exams in AP US, AP Euro and AP World Histories. He was part of AP World History leadership during the first exam reading in 2002, and served on its Test Development Committee for five years. 

In addition, he co-authored the Teacher's Edition for Ways of the World by Dr. Robert Strayer and wrote REA's Crash Course AP World History student study guide.  Look for the updated edition for 2018. 

Jay was a consultant for the College Board first, in AP European History and then AP World History from 1998 to 2015, leading AP workshops around the US and in England, Germany and Panama.  In 2016 he, along with noted AP World History gurus Patrick Whelan and Barbara Ozuna, were invited by the Academy of Korean Studies to tour that beautiful country and offer their insights into the AP program. 

He is thankful to God and his family, school, colleagues and friends for these wonderful opportunities.