One time at Costco in Houston I saw this Buddhist monk checking out the merch.  

I thought that was cool in an APWH way. 

Some of Jay's APWH Materials

 If you didn't know, in 2019-20, the course changed to begin c.1200

I share the following documents freely with you to help your students.  
I do not guarantee success if you use these suggestions, but my students have a 90+% pass rate.
Please give credit where credit is due if you pass them along to others.

The first FRQ (Free Response Question) I assign is the Short Answer Question about 2 weeks into class. 

Next I introduce an old DBQ, bullet point by bullet point, document by document, to ease their fears.

As for the Long Essay, my feeling is, if you can do a DBQ, the Long Essay is a breeze, because it's really just

a DBQ without the documents.