How does Jay Teach AP World History? 

‚ÄčThe important thing is to KNOW WHAT IS IN THE APWH CURRICULUM and stick to that when teaching.
I use Strayer and Nelson's Ways of the World, assigning homework of important vocabulary terms from each chapter.  NOTICE:  Important vocab terms, based on what's in the APWH curriculum guide.

I check their vocab in class--walking downs the rows and having them show me their hand-written work & then I talk about what's in the chapter.  If vocab is done well, it's 100% for a homework grade. 

On day 2 or 3 of a chapter, they take a multiple choice quiz of 11 questions from that chapter (no documents, just straight MCQs from the chapter).  8 minutes, peer-graded, done.  110% is possible; miss one, still make 100%.  The vocab and the quizzes count as minor grades.  Then we continue working through the chapter, analyzing the visual and textual documents there.   One chapter may take 2-3 weeks in Ways of the World.

On to the next chapter, vocab, lecture, document analysis, Free Response practice (always in class) and then a 2 chapter test (no quiz this time).  About 25 AP-style MCQs (25 mins) and 1 Short Answer Question. (12 mins).  Don't stuff your tests with 50 or more MCQs.  That's overkill. 

What about DBQ's and Long Essays?  We practice Short Answer Questions first, then move to the DBQ.  Tackle it in chunks; don't overwhelm the poor kids.  We don't spend much time practicing LEQs because it's really a DBQ without the documents, so if you can DBQ, you can LEQ.  

This system works well for my sophomores:   90%+ pass rate every year.  

See the page "Some of Jay's APWH  Materials" for hints on the Free Response Questions.